Today’s business challenges:

In today’s rapidly changing and competitive marketplace, IT resellers and service providers face numerous business challenges to deliver the best service or solution to their customers. They need to work harder to generate business value, whether through improving productivity, enhancing customer service or innovating change at the heart of their clients’ business processes. These challenges have created demand for highly complex solutions, which go far beyond the implementation of communications infrastructure.

They simply can’t afford the costs that result from system downtime

Protecting their data assets and therefore the integrity and continuity of their business

So they can capitalize on the potential of technologies and applications such as VoIP and wireless

So they know their technology investment is protected

IT service providers rely on a range of external services in order to capitalise on new business opportunities within the changing marketplace. Working with partners is now a common way of implementing new business strategies, pursuing new markets and developing new products and services. By selecting the right partner, IT service providers can enhance their customer offerings to increase opportunity, accelerate time to market and improve profitability.

Understanding the new Era of Mobile Device Management

RE-Solution excels in each of these areas, offering our customers a lower cost of ownership and greater ROI than the competition. When businesses buy RE-Solution solutions, they know that their business is in safe hands, and that they can dedicate their time to running their company.

Quality Assurance

RE-Solution believes that in order to deliver successful solutions to our clients, there needs to be a systematic approach to solution delivery from a pre-sales perspective as well as implementation perspective.

From a pre-sales perspective, we utilize a process with many built-in checks and balances to assure quality in our deliverables. These processes allow RE-Solution to provide the client a top line deliverable.

During the implementation of a project, RE-Solution gains understanding of a clients business issues that drive a technology solution. We then leverage an industry leading implementation process for the delivery of our solutions. This process is governed by best practices set by the RE-Solution own project management standards.

Key to our continued success is the communication of lessons learned and sharing this important data. RE-Solution utilizes a SharePoint portal for the communication of best practices and lessons learned.