Working with RE-Solution

RE-Solution is fully focused on Data Centre & Network Security bringing a wealth of knowledge, innovation, project experience and expertise to its partners. Partners profit at every level from RE-Solution’s leading position as an expert in its field, differentiating their propositions and adding value to customer relationships.

Increasing Business Opportunity

Partners can enhance their portfolios with solutions, expertise and experience in Data Centre & Network Security. This can increase revenue opportunity through new propositions to existing clients and target prospects alike, such as:

• Offer new solutions and applications which address the enterprise need for a media rich seamless experience in support of new business processes;

• Provide managed services which address the enterprise trend to selectively outsource elements of their infrastructure management;

• Revitalise current offerings by leading with Data Centre to sell existing solutions, or increasing sales success through integrated applications.

‘Organizations move away from individualized domain experts in the stack of the infrastructure to skill sets that focus on automation, API integrations between technologies.’

Improving Business Agility

Responding rapidly to changing business or market conditions and adapting to evolving client demands can improve business agility. By leveraging RE-Solution’s capabilities partners are able to respond to these changes in a number of ways:

• Respond to bids that previously would have been qualified out because they required a level of capability that isn’t part of the core offering;

• Remove entry barriers (such as time, cost and risk) in going to market with new solutions and services;

• Achieve improved deployment success, strengthen customer relationships and win more business.

Accelerating Return on Investment

As the competitive landscape and customer demands change, there is a growing need to reduce the risks associated with protecting existing business and in building new markets or solutions for your business. Through engagement with RE-Solution, partners can minimise upfront investments, increase their profitability and minimise the risk of transition to new technologies, solutions and services. This will enable partners to:

• Transform or advance their businesses in a low risk way, generating efficiencies in pre and post sales solutions or services delivery;

• Achieve business effectiveness more rapidly through knowledge transfer from RE-Solution;

• Reduce upfront investment by calling on RE-Solution’s innovation and training centre to demonstrate an extensive range of technology solutions;

• Enable more effective cost management of resources by leveraging RE-Solution’s accreditations, experience and expertise.