Assessment Services

RE-Solution® Network Assessment will enable your business to reduce deployment costs and delays and improve your return on investment by determining your infrastructure’s readiness to support a new technology, application, architecture, or solution, and/or its compliance to policies and best practices.

RE-Solution Network Device Assessment Services

Assessment Services help you evaluate the readiness of your current network infrastructure to support what you are planning to introduce, and identify areas of deficiency or noncompliance. They evaluate your domains of people, expertise, processes, governance, organization, tools, and metrics in light of industry best practices and analyze the current state of your service catalog capabilities.
You receive detailed recommendations for improving your existing network environment and planned systems, network technologies, and/or services and for increasing operations environment maturity.


Through a robust portfolio of services, we can help you to:
  • Reduce deployment costs and delays by assessing current capabilities and readiness to adopt new technologies, applications, solutions, and/or architectures
  • Improve the return on your investment in a new technology, application, architecture, or solution by identifying architecture gaps that can be remediated
  • Improve your operations staff’s ability to support a new technology, application, architecture, or solution
  • Predict Infrastructure Needs and Impact
  • Help in prioritizing resources to address vulnerabilities based on business risk
  • Strengthen your support infrastructure, processes, and tools
  • Forecast the impact of network consumption on an organization’s infrastructure
  • Understand network usage trends and predict network service needs
  • Build stronger network management skills within IT