Enterprise Networks

Any business should extend beyond its physical walls, why should your business be any different. A borderless network, by definition is a network with no borders. In today’s networks, businesses rely on their infrastructure to deliver critical services such as video, voice, wireless, cloud and virtualization services to name a few.

Organizations encumbered with an inefficient network infrastructure are challenged by rising communication costs and poor business agility. Multiple IT systems in an enterprise are difficult to manage, secure, update, and operate. They can lead to inefficiency, decreased productivity and are likely to increase the Total Cost of Ownership. Lack of collaboration capabilities among a geographically diverse workforce can have a significant impact to any business.
Your network must:

  • Empower a mobile workforce to access services from anywhere, with performance comparable to the experience at the HQ office.
  • Embrace Collaboration – allow your business to engage better with its own people and other businesses, utilising technologies such as video, voice and messaging.
  • Remain secure at all times, whenever or wherever your users are accessing one of your business most critical assets –information.
  • Be resilient and agile. Keeping your IT operations and business critical applications up is an absolute must for your business to succeed and reach its full potential.

Borderless Networks & Infrastructure Security

Are you confident that your firewall infrastructure is protecting your organisation as it should be? For more information, contact us – info@re-solution.london

Every customer will have firewalls deployed around their network but are they sure they are properly configured and protecting their organisation? Our firewall health check service uses experienced firewall consultants to review a client’s configuration and policy and produce a report to give them the assurances they need that their security posture is as good as it needs to be.

The firewall health check service will deliver a concise report covering the following key areas

  • Device schematic diagram
  • Review of current build and configuration
  • Review of current policy, rules and NAT tables.
  • Hardware and Software lifecycle review.
  • Assessment of any risks currently faced
  • Key Risks, omissions and code error identification
  • Recommendations and Quick Win opportunities
  • Rapid review of a key security component
  • A clear understanding of your security posture.
  • Identify configuration anomalies that could compromise information security.
  • Identify issues that could lead to information disclosure and perimeter breaches.
  • Identify potential areas of Firewall optimisation.

Connect anyone, anywhere, on any device

RE-Solution’s Security practice employs experienced consultants qualified to the highest industry standards. (eg:CCIE, CCSE) and we regularly provide consulting services to UK’s Global Cisco Partners and Cisco themselves often on very complex, mission critical security infrastructures.

Services Provided for:
Routing and Switching    Security    Mobility    Energy Management    Application Performance

Let us help you resolve your network challenges, refine your network strategy to ensure that your IT infrastructure can reach its potential.